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IMG_2224Third graders at Cherokee Charter Academy enjoyed celebrating our earth with a week filled with activities and guests. The week started with guest from Cherokee County Master Gardeners, Devon Layman and Melissa Mungiguerra. Students were able to smell and sample various herbs before planting their own garden in decomposable egg cartons to take home. The fun continued with a visit from Ms. Vicky Grizzle that the Cherokee County Farm Bureau connected us with. She spoke to the students about caring for the chickens in the school’s chicken coop. The students learned ways the chickens help the environment around them, and how their waste can be used for composting. The week was wrapped up with a visit from Mr. Josh Fuder from the UGA Extension for Cherokee County. The students got down and dirty with worms as they learned about vermicomposting and made their own worm compost bins. Throughout the week students participated in STEM activities in the classrooms. Students were tasked with designing and building a device to pick up trash. They also learned how people in various parts of the world rely on the sun for cooking as they made their own solar ovens.