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2015105621b04b5408bA select group of students at Canton’s Cherokee Charter Academy have come together with a purpose: Give back to the school community through beautifying spaces, acquiring experiences, skills & techniques for visual expression and to be creative for a greater purpose. These students are members of the school’s inaugural Community Arts Society.

The idea for the society came from CCA’s Middle School Art Teacher, Leslie Babcock. The Community Arts Society is simply a group of students coming together to take care of the school community through visual arts. We are teaching students the importance of stewardship with the goal that it will spread into their local communities as well as modeling respect for place to their peers. Mrs. Babcock says, it’s exciting to see student enthusiasm towards the greater good of the school community.

The Arts Society is open to CCA students in grades five through eight. The group has now finished its first project, a stepping stone mosaic for the school’s Unity Sculpture Garden. The purpose of the garden is to bring students and teachers together to share ideas, reflect and innovate in an alternative classroom space.