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By: Media Club
Canton, GA—For many countries, the structure and design of the government used to run those countries is significant. Learning about the different departments, powers, and processes is also as important. To enrich students’ learning about government and politics, and also how government can help make the community a better place, the teachers of the third grade organized to have Mayor Gene Hobgood (who has been in office for 11 years) to come and speak to them on Tuesday, April 17th in the CCA cafeteria.

During the second semester of this school year, the 3rd graders at Cherokee Charter Academy have been learning about the three branches of the United States government.

“I hope students understand the mayor’s duties and responsibilities and how his job is important to our community,” indicated Mrs. Chapman, third grade team lead. “As teachers, our grade level staff was pleased with the important messages that the Mayor shared with the students about his duties and laws he has helped pass to help better the community.”

Mrs. Chapman was ecstatic that he expressed his day-to-day duties for students to understand how challenging each day can be. Also, Mrs. Pino and Mrs. Alliy were impressed about the Mayor getting rid of puppy mills. “He made it illegal for residential citizens to have pet stores, so people can buy animals from the various county shelters.” Now, 540 cities have adopted this law!
“I believe this information was helpful for us in the future,” explained third grader Madison Wheelock. “The more we learn about our government, the more we will be able to help it become better for us in the future.” Other 3rd graders like Brooklyn Strange and Enalicia Foster expressed their excitement for having the Mayor speaking to them. “We had a chance to have a real-life person that deals with laws every day to come and speak to us!”

Principal Wallis was intensely grateful and honored to have the Mayor in the building. “I was very appreciative that Mayor Hobgood took time from his busy schedule to visit our school. On the tour of the building that I took him on, he was very complimentary of the school culture, the effort of the teachers, and the student engagement.”

Having a local politician coming to speak to students about government was definitely exciting and informative for students. Yet with all of the talk of the processes and benefits of government, Mayor Hobgood just may have still been able to inspire some of the students to one day become governors, mayors, or even the President!