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With hundreds if not thousands of student applications pouring into the Georgia Association Student Council, becoming a member is arduous, to say the least. Many students apply but are not selected. However, on Wednesday morning, Emily Flair an 8th grader from Cherokee Charter Academy (CCA), was celebrated as one of the students accepted and selected to be a member for the 2017-2018 school year.
In addition to her family celebrating her success, they aren’t the only ones spreading the congratulatory love. “My friends and teachers have been telling me congratulations all day long,” Emily said. “It is a good feeling to know that my family, friends, and teachers all support me.”
But after all of the celebration fades, Emily knows she is going to have the challenging task of transcending from being just the latest member to proving a valuable member, who represents CCA in the highest regards by bringing critical issues to the table. “My plans are to reach out to other students, teachers, and school administrators to find out more about our needs as students. I want to address issues such as school lunches, bullying, increased mentorship, and volunteering.”
Mrs. Wallis, principal at Cherokee Charter, is confident that Emily will be a fantastic addition to the GASC. “I am very confident in Emily’s ability to be a positive representation of our school. She is a responsible student with a strong work ethic. I believe that through her participation that she will be a strong advocate for school choice.”
For now, Emily’s family, friends, teachers, and administrators are glowing with pride for her achievement; however, with fall break on the horizon, Emily’s family plans on celebrating her success over the weekend with a little party. What a way to springboard into a week off from school!